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We can preform various upgrades and repairs
on your desktop or notebook computer to keep
your computer runing at its best.

Here is an example of some of the computer services
that we preform here at CJK Computers.

Full Hardware Diagnostic (FREE!!!)
We can do complete hardware diagnostic and testing to find out exactly what is wrong with your computer so that we can then give you a quote on the repair.

Virus & Spyware Removal
We can remove any malicious software such as adware, malware, or virus infection. In some cases severe infections can only be rectified by OS re-installation.

System Tune Up
Complete system diagnostics of hardware and software. Includes security software and general tune up/repair of the system as well as software.

Data Transfer & Backup
Transfer of up to 100GB of data from hard drive to hard drive, CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray disc. Monthly and annual backups are reccomended to ensure data security.

Operating System Installation
Complete Installation of specified operating system, with full service packs, security updates and patches.
**OS software not included in price**

Chassis Cleaning & Dust Removal
We can do complete cleaning and wire managment to your system so that your system will keep cool and that will protect the system from hardware failure.

Standard Component Installation
We can install any components that you may have and make sure that the system gets the right drivers so that the component runs properly.
Computer Services
CJK Computers is a Division of CJK Services Canada